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  8. Johnny Hockin Bio

    I just ate a cookie at 10am.  This week I took two rolls, that’s 72 photos. Mostly of plants and grass.  It’s spring. I’m excited.

    Here is a bio that was written recently about me for when I DJ’d at the AGO’s MASSIVE art ball thing. It’s pretty nice:

    Johnny Hockin is a Canadian DJ, musician and multimedia producer. He is a local Toronto fixture, using his wide-ranging taste and an eclectic repertoire to link classic soul, disco, rock, hip hop and electronic music into a sound uniquely his own. He consistently plays for high-end corporate clients and some of the city’s favourite rooms (from Soho House to Thomson to the Drake Hotel to L’Oreal Fashion Week).

    He is also known to many Canadians as the former face of movies on MTV Canada, interviewing hundreds of filmmakers and stars. Over the course of 5 years, Ryan Gosling brooded with him, Nic Cage looked at him funny, George Clooney charmed him, Jason Bateman made fun of his name and Justin Timberlake sang to him.

    Werner Herzog follows him on twitter.


  9. Frank Ocean – Thinking Bout You (Mr. JH Remix)

    Frank Ocean – Thinking Bout You (Mr. JH Remix)

    I made this version in the summer of 2012 for some DJ gigs around that time. Had pretty well forgotten it, but here it is for free. Enjoy~!


  10. We have been outspoken fans of Anthony Scott Burns and his work here on Twitch for quite some time now - check some of his previous efforts here- and after wowing us with his for hire and music video direction along with his gorgeous VFX work Burns is poised to show us what he can do narratively with a new short film titled Manifold. Though the film’s premiere is not yet announced we’re told its coming soon and Burns has just released a pair of enigmatic teasers for the film to whet the appetite. Check them out below.